Early recognition is critical in this population because adolescent violence can be associated with partner violence in adult life. Intimate partner violence encompasses subjection of a partner to physical abuse, psychologic abuse, sexual violence, and reproductive coercion. Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction depends on exceptional product and solution implementation, together with the skills and specialization that our partners deliver.

More than 4,000 global partners trust Avaya to power their customer experiences. Women experiencing physical or sexual IPV are more likely to be afraid to notify their partners of an STI. Some women reported threats of harm or actual harm in response to notifying their partners of an STI 9.

With the partner relationship management features from Sales Cloud, your company can cultivate stronger partner relationships, close more deals, and customize the customer experience with ease. These competencies can be in cloud services, associated components or modules, embedded software, engineering services, development tools, or training services.

Solution Providers provide technology solutions to consumer, commercial, and government end users, or through their own channel networks, which could include online or storefront retail. Whether you’re building solutions that integrate with GitHub or services that help customers reach their full potential, get the resources and technical support you need.

Get sales, technical, and marketing resources from our experienced teams to grow your business. Our number one goal is to make working with ESET and achieving your business goals easy.

Spouses or domestic partners can agree to a spousal or partner support order. Ask the family law facilitator in your court for help understanding spousal or partner support. In California, support payments between registered domestic partners are treated the same as spousal support.

J.D. POWER A global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics. Reach new audiences by unlocking insights hidden deep in experience data and operational data to create and deliver content audiences can’t get enough of.

We launched the program to help customers’ design teams access extra skills, products, and services to shorten their time-to-market for new products by aiding engineering development. ST Partner Program enhances the ecosystem around ST's broad portfolio of products helping them to reduce development effort and accelerate time to market.

The ESET partner program for resellers features a straightforward enrollment process, simple requirements and comprehensive sales support to help you win business and make a healthy margin. Get access to programs and resources that will help you differentiate your offerings, support customers, and grow your business.

We've made significant investments in people, processes, and technology/tools early on, but with significant growth over the past few years, we needed to examine how to evolve to meet the demands of our customers. The PTP helped us determine areas we needed to invest in, examine new tools for better efficiency, determine the number and types of individuals we would need, and re-examine the processes to guide those people and tools. Constant Contact offers a powerful suite of digital marketing tools that simplify online marketing for small businesses and nonprofits.