Risk factors for intimate partner homicide include having experienced previous acts of violence, estrangement from partner, threats to life, threats with a weapon, previous nonfatal strangulation, and partner access to a gun 29. The judge will also consider any history of violence at the hands of the spouse or partner to be supported against the person that would pay the support. And there is a rebuttable presumption against giving spousal or partner support to an abusive spouse or partner who has a criminal conviction for domestic violence against the other spouse or partner.

Also, the judge can take into account the periods of separation during the marriage/partnership in deciding if the marriage/partnership is of long duration. The duration of a permanent or long-term spousal or partner support order is closely related to the length of the marriage or domestic partnership. Approximately one out of ten female high-school students in the United States reported experiencing physical violence from their dating partners in the previous year 20.

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When deciding spousal or partner support, the judge must take into account documented evidence of any history of domestic violence between the parties. The goal of spousal or partner support is that the spouse or partner getting support will be able to support himself or herself within a reasonable period of time. Physicians should screen all women for IPV at periodic intervals, including during obstetric care , offer ongoing support, and review available prevention and referral options.

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